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And that's the end of the wedding with our amazing planners gemma and @victoriasanchoo www.yourbarcelonawedding.com

Groom and bride from our latest hindu wedding have shared with us this lovely picture. I love #hinduweddingswww.yourbarcelonawedding.com

Barcelona view from Poble Espanyol.@bodaspobleespanyol @monchoscatering @molist_floristes #hinduwedding#barcelonaweddingplanner #barcelonaweddingwww.yourbarcelonawedding.com

Table setting@molist_floristes @monchoscatering @bodaspobleespanyol#hinduwedding#barcelonaweddingplanner #barcelonaweddingwww.yourbarcelonawedding.com

Yummy cake from @mericakes #weddingbarcelona#weddingcakewww.yourbarcelonawedding.com

Hindu wedding.Mandap by @molist_floristes #weddingplannerbarcelona #barcelonawedding#hinduwedding#indianwedding www.yourbarcelonawedding.com

Today's wedding was full of colours in #barcelona#hinduwedding#weddingbarcelona #barcelonawedding#weddingplannerbarcelona @bodaspobleespanyol@molist_floristes@monchoscatering@kamalevents@crimons@mireiallum@santigilifotografia@mericakes@victoriasanchoowww.yourbarcelonawedding.com

visita técnica para la boda hindú de mañana con@kamalevents @bodaspobleespanyol @molist_floristes @santigilifotografia @mireiallum @monchoscatering @crimons www.yourbarcelonawedding.com

La iglesia de moda este año es @templo_tibidabo Nos encanta trabajar en esta maravillosa iglesiahoy en compañia de nuestra excepcional wedding coordinator @victoriasanchoowww.yourbarcelonawedding.com

English speaking priest in our destination weddings is possible.www.yourbarcelonawedding.com


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